A brief history to a long and exceptional karate accomplishment.

Keikoba ( Place of training)  : In modern Japan, Ono -ha Itto-ryu is typically practiced inside a dojo, while demostrations for the public often takes place outdoor. By contrast the Kenjutsu in the old Japan was practiced outside where footwork and the terrain demanded the exponents attention. In order to maintain the old tradition and the old style of Ono -ha- Itto ryu, Egedal Keikoba is only practiced in the open. Due to the weather conditions in the winter season, it is neither responsible nor safe to train in the      open.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

 Hence Keikoba Karate  was  formed  in 1981 after Sensei Dave Bowler was graded and promoted with his 1st Degre black         belt diploma .Dave's professionally run clubs now offer  training for beginners to advanced, for children (from 5yrs)                         teenagers,adults and  families. Training is structured by an official Shukokai Karate Union grading syllabus, from which              students learn and attain a  worldwide accepted offical grading  measured by a coloured belt system.                                                 Keikoba clubs have continual growth and  development, and are due to expand in the near furture.                                                        About  Sensei : who began training in the art of Wado Ryu in 1974, gaining 7th kyu grade. He changed his style after reading
an advert in the local paper "Learn Shukokai Karate"  with a well known instructor, Sensei Roy Elden 6th Dan, and since joining he has never looked back, gaining black belt status and beyond from Roy's instruction.    
Sensei carried on training with Roy for many years until he retired ,  then sortly after his retirement  Roy sadly  past away on        29th August 2013.
Throughout Sensei's  training, he has been on many  seminars with some of the UK's elite instructors - Ticky Donavan,               
Roy Stanhope, Stan Knighton, Dave Warburton, Terry Pottage, Eddie Daniels, Peter Spanton, John Smith, Shigeru Kimura,                                 Yoshinao  Nanbu 10th  Dan. (Aikido):-  Duncan Valintine, Chris Norburn, just to name a few.                                                        
 Sensei started to take an interest  in competitions, and was selected to  train with the SKU squad  under the guidance of Stan     Knighton  in the late 70's to the late 80's .He competed  in many Kumites and gaining trophies in individuals and team events.   After retiring  from competing due to injuries, Sensei then found his next goal, to become a Kumite referee under the guidance    of  ex- SKU Chief Referee, Brian Smith  3rd Degree. After two years as a judge in 1982 he  was proudly awarded with his SKU    referee status In 1986. Sensei  was selected to officiate for the  English Karate Governing Board, then after judging for four         years, he was promoted to Referee  by the late SKU & EKGB Chief Referee Dave Warburton and his assistant  Brian                   Hammond.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
 In 1992 sensei  wanted to gain more knowledge within martial arts, so he joined an Aikido club run by  Sensei Chris Norburn.    After training for two years and gaining  three grades, sensei returned  back to his roots "Karate ".                                                          

With sensei's continuing commitment towards the art ,he was a finalist in the coaching section at the Evening Sentinel sports   persons awards 2005, at the Moat House hotel ,Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.                    

Sensei's  loyalty with the Shukokai Karate Union, began in 1976  earning him a life time membership with a  20 year red              licence.  In June 2010 on the annual week's  training  gasshuku  course in Rhodes he was presented with his Shichi dan 7th    degree diploma by Sensei Stan Knighton 9th degree.                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sensei's  proudest  moments from teaching, are from his daughter & son , Jade and Jordan, gaining 2nd Dan & 4th  degree                  black belt status. Also his grandson  Lennon, received  his 1st degree black belt diploma at the age of ten . 25/11/18                      Lennon is now training for his 2nd Degree , which is due in November 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
 Jordan became kumite champion in sku open and national events when he was a young lad, he also has added Kata                    medals to his collection. Jordan has since gained his level 4 instructor's award.                                                                                       
 Jade is an assistant instructor and working towards her level 2  award, she also likes to  teach and coach her son Lennon in      competitions. (Jade has since retired from training , due to her work commitments)                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
 As well as being a full time professional instructor teaching at four dojo's, sensei holds numerous prominent positions                within the  SKU: Senior SKU Instructor hachidan  8th degree, EKGB registered instructor 2004, Senior Grading Officer                    Member of the black  belt grading panel,  Senior Instructor on area courses, Self defence / self awareness instructor,                    Senior tatami kumite &  kata referee, EKB senior kumite referee.                                                                                                                  SKU England  Squad -- European & World head coach. Executive ordinary member, General secretary,                                             Enchanced level  DBS taken, Emergency  First Aid trained, level 5 instructor assessor & SKU member with 44  years service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Sensei's latested achievements include , receiving his gold licence  for 40 loyal years service & support  within the SKU by           Sensei Stan Knighton. 06/03/16 at  the area  course in Sandbach. Also Sensei Dave was promoted with his 8th Degree               diploma from Sensei Stan knighton 10th degree at the instructors course. 28/04/18                                                                                                                                                    
 Truly a  remarkable accomplishment