Karate (empty hand) is a fascinating sport that encompasses mind, body, fitness and self defence programme all in one.

As well as the physical benefits, karate will help develop your confidence and self esteem which help towards achieving a good
balance and quality of life.

Children :
Whilst we don't teach children to be aggressive, Karate training helps to develop a child's confidence and self belief giving

them important motor and life skills, helping them to enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. We often have

parents telling us how much their child's confidence and attitude has improved as their training progresses

Whatever age or fitness level you are, training will improve your condition, health, flexibility and strength. It also helps to reduce

stress levels and has the extra benefit of learning self defence. The human body is designed to function for activity, as we age it

is important to keep your body active, which goes a long way to maintaining body systems to function well. Many of our

members are in the 40's 50's and some in their 60's, all have reported an increase in their health. Many of our members have
joined us with their families,

New to Karate :
People starting Karate may find the thought daunting and
do not know what to expect . We are often asked questions such

as "will I get hurt" "am I fit enough" etc. When you join our club it won't be long before you discover the friendliness, helpfulness

and comradeship of our members. Our teaching methods are effective but also safe and in our experience injuries are rare.

Training is designed for gradual progress in techniques and fitness & you will not be driven to perform beyond your limits.

Questions & Answers 

Will I get injured ?
All classes are strictly controlled to minimise the risk of injury so that there is no more risk of injury from practicing  karate than playing other sports such as football or rugby.

Am I fit enough ?

If you are in good health it should be possible to learn. If you have health problems please consult your doctor. Most people who join our club regard themselves as being unfit and join to get fit. Whether you regard yourself fit or not, training is structured towards enjoyable learning at an easy pace giving progressive fitness development.

Am I too old ?

Some of our students are in the 30 + age range, and train successfully, it is a known fact that the flexibility training that karate provides, improves circulation to joints, and can actually improve arthritic and muscular conditions.

My child is shy will they learn to protect themselves ?
Whilst we don't teach children to be aggressive, karate training helps to develop a child's confidence and self esteem giving them important motor and life skills helping them to enter society with confident and enthusiastic outlook.

What do I need to wear ?

For your first few lessons all you need are some loose fitted clothing such as track suit,  tee shirt & shorts or anything you feel comfortable in. Once you have decided Karate is for you, then we can order a Karate suit (Gi)  which you can purchase from  your instructor.

Is the style you teach authentic ?

The style we teach is a traditional Karate that originated from Japan, our clubs are affiliated to the official Shukokai Karate Union which is one of the oldest & most experienced in Britain and has strict guidelines for instructors to adhere to. The style is recognised worldwide.

Is it expensive ?   +  Payment  plan

Our fees are very sensible and are not designed to extract the maximum amount of money from you, we have family discounts available. Your 4 lessons are free without any obligation, After your second lesson,  you will receive an application form and club rules, then we will explain your monthly fee structure. Prices  will be explained  after your  trial  lessons.
Students tuition fees are paid each month and run from 1st January until December 31st . Which includes any student holidays, sickness or injuries. All are factored into the 52 weeks  payment plan, students  that miss any sessions can use the flexi option and make up their  missed training at any of the four clubs. ( Visit club locations) .

Can I get to black belt level ?

Yes, we teach from beginner to black belt and beyond, with your dedication and our teaching methods you can achieve black belt status, which in our style is recognised worldwide.

I have trained in a different style, will you recognise my grade ?

Normally we will recognise the grade and would advise which level would be best to enter our style,after a few lessons with us. Black belt grade's would still be advised  , however you  would still  be able to train wearing your well earned belt.

I would  like to start, what do I do fr
om here ?
Give us a call for further information and to arrange your FOUR free lessons. Alternatively you can call and see us at one of our venues.
What is the  time limit  between  gradings  ?
Your  first grade would be red, in which  you can  obtain  after just 10 lessons. Then  the  experience  required  for your  next  five gradings would be a minimum  3 months  with 20 lessons. ( Depending on  how often  you train).  After  this  you would be          grading  towards the next 3 brown belts towards  a higher  standard ,  experience  needed  would be  6 months  and minimum   40 lessons. between each grade. Your training for 1st degree black belt  would be the same experience  required  as  brown    belt  grades.  
Belts are earned through their dedication to train in combination with an examination ( grading) Students progress from novice through the coloured kyu grades ( 9th - 1st kyu) to black belt ( 1st degree). Learning karate is unlimited and 1st degree is only the first in a series of black belt grades.

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