We are dedicated to our students training , taking great pride and pleasure in seeing everyone progress and reach their goals. We regularly receive thank you messages.

To the karate display team, Dear Sir, on behalf of the staff and pupils of Trent Vale primary school. I wish to thank you very much indeed  for the kind contribution to our summer fair ,which was a great success due in  no small amount to your generous          contribution. An extra special thanks, we have had no end of comments from people saying how much they enjoyed your             display.  Yours Faithfully ( Lesley Jophs ) Committee Secretary.                                                                                                                   

Dear Mr D.J.Bowler, on behalf of the orthopaedic hospitals and handicapped children's outing association, take this opportunity in thank you and your club for your karate & self defence demonstration which you put on at the dog show at Tunstall Park.
Yours sincerely M.Brown (Hon secretary).

What can we say !!! we can't thank you enough for help, support and encouragement you have shown to Ethan for his black belt.  Thanks once again, keep up the amaziing work.        Love Kerry,Chris and of course Ethan Tagg ( 1st Dan) 2010                                                                                                           

  Dear Dave, thank you very much for  coming and teaching us  self defence, we learnt so much and had some good fun.                                                                             1st Keele brownies & Madeley rangers. ( Jan 2011)                                                                                                                    

To Sensei, Just to  let you know how grateful  I am. Thanks for putting  all the effort into teaching me, and getting me ready  for the SKU nationals. From Jayden Shepherd  (  gold  & silver medalist in kumite.) March 2012

To Sensei ,Thank you for teaching us Shukokai  karate, we have learnt a lot in your classes. They have been educational as well as fun. You're a teacher in a million, thank you once again. Neha & Muiz Musadiq  5th kyu . (Moving to Newport)  June 2013

        First  Madeley scout group. Dear Mr Bowler your karate / self defence course at Betley village hall is been very much                            appreciated and we hope that some of the scouts may be encouraged to carry on with this to another level.                                       Thank you  Tony  Polwart  ( Group scout leader)   December  2013

To Dave, thank you for all your help and patience over the last few years teaching Ella. Hope to see you soon, best wishes,       Mark, Anna, Ella & Emily  Condliffe.  June 2014          

Dear Dave,  on behalf of the society I would like to express our appreciation to you and your team of parents and children for       making the effort to come along and adding to the atmosphere of our production (murder mystery Shingig in Shanghai).           
The children were absolutely delightful and we hope that they enjoyed taking part .                                                                                 Kind regards Moria Johnson secretary of the Betley amateur theatrical society. May 2014                     
Thank you for your hard work, to help me get my 1st degree diploma . Edward Millington  , November  2015       

  Just wanted to say thank you for your help and support for Ellie,she enjoyed the day and learnt a  lot, much  appreciated.                     ( Sku national championships  March 2016)   from Nikki Morgan  .           

This is three years ago 2014, as most of you may know Josh battles daily with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy. This makes most      tasks difficult to say the least.                                                                                                                                                                              
This Sunday ( 14/05/17) he is trying for his Brown Belt. Even if he doesn't get it he is still inspirational. He never misses karate    and with the help of his sensei Dave Bowler he just gets on with it.    Good luck Josh , From Dadx                                                      Sensei reply, Josh passed his brown grade with flying  colours, well done Josh .                                                                                                                                 
Today  (21/05/17)  I achieved my 3rd dan black belt, it was really tough and so happy I got through it. Would like to say a massive thank you to Dave Bowler for helping me get this far and preparing me for the grading. I couldn't have done it without him .        katie  Chadwick.
Sensei, Thank you for all your help, suppport, encouragement over the last eight years. I will continue to  use the values and teaching throughout my life. Thank you   Ellie Morgan . July 2017

We had a fabulous day at the sku british open, Charlie feels very proud of himself. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you. Charlie is a different boy now compared to how he was before he started karate, and I thank you for all your hard work that  you put in with the children.  Amanda  Bryce , October 2017

To Sensei Dave, Thanks for all your guidence and support over the last six years.  Joel  1st dan  27/11/17

Dear Sensei, thank you so much for all the work you have put into getting me through my black belt  grading and all your help over the years.  James  Tierney  1st dan  27/11/17

Thank you for your endless patience, understanding and  gifts of fitness, discipline and confidence. Howard & Maria Tomlinson  1st dan's  27/11/17

To Dad (Sensei)  Just to congratulate you on such a successful 2017. You have made us all so proud of what you have acheived and are a true role model.  With 66 kyu belt's graded, 23 medals from the nationals & open, and most of all  13 new  black belts from 1st dan  to 4th dan. Love you Jade & Lennon xx

To Sensei, Thank you very much for an amazing experience i'll never forget, Love Jacob xx . Thank you for all the time & effort you put in with the training & organising  Dundee. It was great, we all enjoyed every minute,  Gaz & Racheal Taylor 2018

To Grandad, Thank you so much for helping me to get my black belt. I could not of done it without you. I am so proud of myself. Thank you for being the best sensei. Lots of love your youngest black belt. Lennon x
To Dad, Thank you so much for all that you have done to get Lennon  such a great achievement, you are the best sensei and we are so lucky to have you. Lots of love Jade xxx

To Sensei Dave,  Thank you for helping me acheive my black belt grading, which I thought in a million years I would  not be able to achieve. Harry savage, December 2018

               To Sensei Dave, Thank you very much for your support in helping me to achieve my first degree black belt.                      
Best wishes Matt  Tierney , June 2019